Cassius Wright uses Google Glass to view Virgin Gorda

Cassius Wright and his Google Glasses

Cassius Wright and his Google Glasses

A renaissance man in the creative world, Cassius Wright has visited Virgin Gorda numerous times. The spot has become one of his favorite places to travel to, and here he shares why with Sunset Watch Villa. His last trip he brought his Google Glass to view Virgin Gorda. Here’s Cash’s unique perspective.

Sunset Watch Villa: What is your favorite spot in the BVI and why?

Cassius Wright: For amazing views with incredible light and material to photograph, it’s The Copper Mine. The ruins themselves are outstanding and make for some really dramatic photography. We actually did some of our wedding photography there when we got married on Virgin Gorda five years ago.

Sunset Watch: Has the BVI served as inspiration for any of the creative services you offer?

Wright: We [wife, Jordana Wright, and I] are in the process of creating a photography expedition to the BVI as we speak. We have our trips planned and are working out vendors for various services now. It really is a photographer’s paradise in the BVI, but it takes some local knowledge to effectively navigate the culture and also to pick the absolute best activities from the host of options available.

Sunset Watch: What social media sites would you recommend to travelers visiting the BVI for the first time?

Why we call it Sunset Watch

Why we call it Sunset Watch

Wright: Certainly Tripadvisor. You can find great details and info there, and it also tends to be more accurate because of the volume of users they have. It sort of has an averaging effect on the rating system, so even if you get a few really bad or fantastic reviews, the bulk of them tend to hit right where they should. It also lets you start to figure out your activities with much more specificity than just using the web pages provided by tourism vendors and hotels.

Sunset Watch: You use Google Glass a lot. How can this technology enhance your experience in the BVI?

Wright: I had a blast shooting pictures and videos with it, particularly some killer footage that I got while driving around in a jeep on Virgin Gorda.

Sunset Watch: Are there any special precautions to take when wearing Google Glass down there?

Wright: Of course, like any ridiculous electronic device we carry with us in the modern era, glass will totally get destroyed if you touch it with anything from the outside world. This means no sand, water or major heat whatsoever. I actually did wade in to Savannah Bay up to my waist, but that was it.

Sunset Watch: What are the must-do activities with your Google Glass?

Wright: Anything you like to do that has an interesting first-person point of view is great to do with Glass or a GoPro – like meeting the lemurs on Necker Island, for example.

Palms and secluded beaches await you at Sunset Watch Villa.

Palms and secluded beaches await you at Sunset Watch Villa.

Sunset Watch: What time of year is best in the BVI?

Wright: I like the BVI more based upon the weather in Chicago. You can guess how that goes: when it’s unbelievably cold in Chicago, BVI looks amazing! Of course, the weather is pretty consistent in the BVI, so any time of year is the right time.

Sunset Watch: And everyone knows when you’re relaxing beachside in the West Indies you need a frosty beverage in hand. What is your drink of choice to really top your day off?

Wright: I’m a fan of an Amstel Light for beer, a Painkiller for a cocktail [a concoction of rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, orange juice and nutmeg), and a top-shelf vodka martini with dinner.Mountain Point seen through  a palm frond at Sunset Watch Villa.

Sunset Watch: Any other advice you have based on your experiences in the BVI and Virgin Gorda?

Wright: Rent a car and go explore. Meet local people. Talk to the gardener or housekeeper at your resort. Chances are they’re super friendly. There aren’t very many places left in the world like the BVI. Go see them and learn why they’re incredible!

Between 80 and 85 percent of the tourists visiting Virgin Gorda are return visitors. Take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy your time there and you will return, too. Time and time again, we make grand plans to travel the world but we almost always end up on the ferry dock of Virgin Gorda.