The iPads are here!!!!!!

The iPads are here! The iPads are here!
Yep, we did it. We equipped each of the three Sunset Watch Villas with its own iPad2.
In his quest to ensure Sunset Watch offers all of the latest luxuries Ajit bought one for each Villa. Furthermore each of the devices is loaded with over 1500 songs (any complaints, blame me!) and 20 award-winning movies (any complaints blame Joel Brillert!).
So with the each of the villas now equipped with Apple TV you can now stream the movies on to the flat screen. You can hook your own ear buds up to the iPad or stream the music to the stereo in each villa as well.
We also added games (yes, Angry Birds is on them), a star-gazing application (Star Walk HD: very, very cool !), and the New York Times.
My new favorite morning ritual when I stay at Sunset Watch (or Sundowner) is to pre-set the coffee maker the night before. When I finally roll out of bed I grab a cup of fresh brewed joe, gather the iPad, and find a lounge chair all the way at the end of the pool deck (yes the wi-fi reaches that far!). I sip my coffee, listen to Steely Dan (for some reason Aja seems so much better in Virgin Gorda), and catch up on the prior day’s events on the New York Times. Perfect way to start my BVI day.
So when you check into Sunset Watch, don’t be surprised when Sonny hands you an iPad along with your keys.

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